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I'm running with 27 crit rating right now (from Matrix Cube), stacking full power instead. Seems to work out just fine. I'm usually 1-3 in damage when I'm not guarding. I'm not even augmented in 66s and my melee bonus damage is like 810. I normally run 5/36/5 but I've been running full madness (7/2/36) for the past couple of days. Been pretty lost since 2.0 dropped though tbh. I'm still running power crystals in my main and offhand for example, and I'm not really sure if thats BiS anymore. I suspect it isn't.

Cycao, that 0/23/23 build looks really interesting. One of the things I really like about Madness is the 45% crit chance on Discharge, so it feels like by running Madness you're less crit dependent than in Deception, which as I said with the stacking power thing is good for me.
Specifically for Deception:
Deception needs crit.

20% buffed is too low. I've played around with it and I do not like it at all. It might be good for just gimping one guy off somewhere, but the consistency is severely lacking. With 25% (As Deception), I'm able to get more overall damage in and my swaps to targets are guaranteed criticals.

A year ago if you told me to go 20% buffed, I might've agreed. Now? Not really.
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