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Hi fellow starfighter enthusiasts, this is an unusual post / request, but I'd really be grateful, if someone could let someone from havoc squad please know that im inhospitol with blood clotts in thr heart and lungs, as well as some random ,rare and deadly blood infection whch has like a 98% fatality chance if even one intravenious antibiotic dose is missed, while lol, just my luck is3 times a day for 3 hours for 6 weeks. Now im pushing for a one off 6 hour leave, hopefully toomorrow or the next day, to pick up mypc, bring it to the hospital......and burn me do wn some rear thrusters ^_^ mailing rana sol would be ideal, thank you , and may peace be yours. Mhahahahahaharrrar tkk Hsssk TiCk .....HsSssS TCKK ....HhHhisss
Hope for the best for you and I enjoy playing on your team, your name is one of the more familiar ones!
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