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10.02.2019 , 10:05 PM | #28
So I was not on the PTS for long before it dropped out today.

What I did notice is the prices going down on mods, armoring, and enhancements from 325 to 175 making them okay. Still took thousands of tech to get a good selection of mods to work with. I gained 1.6 billion credits which is about 160k tech fragments 30000 was spent on two gear set and 3 tacticals.

I am very particular on my armoring being 471 mastery, mods having mastery/power value of 727/8 having the highest crit enhancements and just enough alacrity and accuracy to hit caps of the 1.4GCD and 110% respectively with 228 augments.

mods only dropped dps mods ya!
Armoring and enhancements were still half and half with tank specs.

5000 is enough to get all the armoring, mod enhancement, and weapon barrel or hilt in one shot if you didn't get tank stuff in the mix. Not that the stat would be any good, but it would be a start.

When it comes back up I will be running all the heroics or various missions and seeing how I like the death knell set or the berserker set. might not beat out the stimulated set I have still have to test it.
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