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02.08.2018 , 05:02 AM | #2
Couple of things
First of all you CAN in fact shield and defend damage taken through guard, as long as the original attack is shieldable/defendable, the game keeps track of what damage you're intercepting through guard, so if a Marksmanship sniper is tunneling your guarded target and you're low on health, Saber Ward or Deflection is going to help you a lot more than Invincible or Overcharge Saber.
Secondly Energy Shield does not reduce all damage taken by 25%, it increases your damage reduction by 25%, which is a fundamentally different thing.
Lastly the Juggernaut utility setup is outdated, some of the utilities listed do not exist anymore. Also, though is more of a preference, I really recommend taking Unshackling Rage as a Juggernaut as it is a ridiculously good movement utility that way outshines a cooldown reduction on one hardstun.

EDIT: This one is reaching a bit, but the 5% reduced damage taken from guard is in fact applied in PvP too, so theoretically if you're the only person with a guard leaving guard on when you go away does have some slight use, although it's nearly negligible.