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Respawn times are not the way to fix the issue of kill stealing.

Lets say the game does better after the mergers (I know its unlikely as people will be pissed at the loss of their name, rp servers or whatever else) and there are lots of people about. Your out doing a quest kill 10 of this and then one of that. You are having fun killing away then you get to the one of that and there is a queue. So you stand in line and 8 minutes later your up, and then someone steals your kill. Okay only a 2 min wait, only when that spawns someone steals your kill, you waited inline patiently and now your being screwed. Sure your pissed at the kill stealer but more pissed that the game lets them get away with it and actively encourages it, his not wasted 10 minutes to try and complete the quest, his off to the next thing. While you who waited patiently are punished. That its a two minute wait is less annoying than the fact that you are wasting your time cause the game is so stupid it only allows the first person to attack a target credit.

So far better the kill/credit system is redesigned to allow anyone that does say 3% damage to a target gets credit.
100% Agreed. I wish and hope they would redesign the combat system here, to like how it is in GW2. Kill stealing and mat node stealing NEVER HAPPENS THERE!!! (Ok...fine some kill stealing, but its small enough it not a big issue, and the mat nodes are PER account, meaning when you see a node and you see that afk farming going to get it, you don't need to race them there, when you get there, you can pick up the node too! Sharing is caring!) In GW2 you get rewards based on your credit, more coin, exp and karma for more damage, based on a gold, silver and bronze badge system. Which I know is WAY to much of a overhaul of the system for them atm, but they could redesign so that if people hit the boss or champ spawn, they get credit for it, for the missions, daily areas and heroics. Heck, if they did redesign it, we wouldn't be stuck with only 16-24 people on world bosses, Revan's Walker, Ancient Threat, and more people could join in and get it down more often, and people would be punished for getting there late or wasn't on the planet when the group was put together!
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