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And I play on a server where I have seen a couple of skilled Scout pilots average 50k damage done a game with 12-20 kills and 0-3 deaths (the only time they die is when I take to head-hunting them with 2 other pilots with me a good 15-20KM away from the node because they draw us out there and it takes the 3 of us a good minute to even land a shot on the guy between retro-thrusters the evasion Companion ability and the evasion shields constantly breaking missles locks and evading laser fire).
I smell large quatitiies of L2P. On a strike one hit from ion completely destroys a Scout's shields and two blaster hits to the scout's nonexistent hull are fatal. The only thing that keeps a scout alive is its pilot's skill. Peroid. If the scouts are not being shot down its because they are being attacked by lesser players.

You could also roll a gunship and just laugh while you one-shot the scouts from 15km away

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