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You consider yourself a good or competent player, but not great, yes? I'm saying this based on your arguments with zurules in which you assess his and your own prowess. You also said here, in conversation with me (for the 10th time!) that you have no problem dealing with dps mercs. You "know how to handle them," iirc. So a good or competent player can handle mercs, and mercs don't break the queue because more often than not, it's weakest player not weakest AC that determines matches.
First, in terms of the good and not great comment, I believe what I said was I would never call myself a "great" player because I'm not a narcissist. I wasn't putting myself down or ceding ground to anyone else. What I meant by handling mercs is that I know the best way to deal with them. And often, because they're mediocre, that means killing them too. But that doesn't mean it's always possible to execute it, because mercs can survive inordinate amounts of time while doing max damage if played well. Again, this is such a basic point, just because mercs don't "break the queue" does not mean that they are not in need of balance changes. By your reasoning, there should never be any balance changes again.

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as for earlier statements regarding balance changes during our dialog in this thread, you suggest that it's a good idea to make multiple changes at once. I maintain that that is a horrible approach to balance (between classes or for entire formats). for example, if you are going to target merc dps (enet nerf/bastion -- and let me say, that grenade bastion was palpable, as would be one for enet!), then you cannot also nerf their dcds at the same time. there's no way to know how much of an impact either nerf will have until they reach PTS at the very least, but the live game in reality. so no. I do not think you can do both.
The net changes would only affect multiple mercs, not it wouldn't even really be a net nerf. Simultaneous changes to merc dcds would be totally appropriate.

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I also think the most pressing issue is matchmaking, which results, e.g., in 3 nets on one team and none on another. putting a bastion on enet effectively nerfs the greatest offensive utility that 2 of your 4 team members bring to the game, a game in which focusing down a single target is 90% of the game. multiple nets is the symptom of the disease. treat the disease (matchmaking), not the symptom, as has been stated numerous times.
Yes, stacking classes is a more pressing issue. But again, there's no reason they can't do both. It's silly to pretend that they can only make like one change per year. Bioware should be taking constant proactive steps to improve pvp.