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Haha that's a tough call! I can't seem to correctly time Supercharged Gas / TSO / Vent Heat.
I find that if I trigger SCG incorrectly, heat will blow over and will force me to use TSO,
likewise with a badly timed TSO --> Vent.
And with both 'main' heat reduction abilities on cooldown, you're forced to Rapid Shot for every filler :-(

I'm sure there has to be an upper limit on heat, as to the correct times to be using each ability eg.
Heat < 20 = SCG
Rapid Shots + TSO + UL <30-40
Vent < 60

I'll have to play around and work it out exactly.

Once again though, thanks heaps for the indepth reply, absolutely brilliant!
About Vent. You shouldn't use it before you reach 70-80 heat. Under that and it's a waste.

And that's normal. The spec is made to run on a few burn cycle around your CD and on RS and positive rotation when your CD aren't close to be off-CD.
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