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You are obviously entitled to your opinion, but I'm personally ok with it, though I'd meet you halfway on the basis of me wanting to have another post-KOTFE female romance option that other than Lana. Right now, she's the only option when it comes to a potential lesbian romance, whereas you have three potentially gay romances with Theron, Koth and Arcann next week. Would be nice to have another woman as an option, no? And I am by no means saying that I'd want, say, Senya as a love interest. That'd be so wrong on so many levels, and her age is not even the biggest issue for me.
I think you're misunderstanding me. I never wanted to get into the "how many" fairness debate. Yes, they should indeed include more f/f options, of course. And more m/m options. And by everything that is holy, give us girls a chance to romance a male Force user that is actually part of the story (because Arcann will likely be a paperweight after a single 2min cutscene...I'm still pulling my hair out over Scourge). Oh, and more actual flirts and one-nighters for female player characters because that's way off-balance. And might as well add poly-romance options to the wish list while we're at it. But that's not where I was trying to steer this conversation, as we were only talking about character ages.

All I was saying is that most of the base female romance options, other than Kaliyo and Akaavi, are pretty young, whereas most of the base male romance options, other than Torian and Corso, are older.

That's all I'm saying. It would have been refreshing for them to have made Lana older (with as much age gap as we see with some of the males) many people have done so in their heads.

I guess we can be grateful they didn't update their character models to appear even older then?
I would have actually preferred character model updates. I'm almost thirty-seven. A little salt n' pepper is just fine by me. Theron's model does seem to have a little bit of silvering at his temples, though it could just be me who sees it. And for the purposes of my fanfiction, aging will most certainly be a thing.
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