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Your daughter doesn't have to worry about wrong communication causing a stock loss. Welcome to the world of investors.

EA and other stake holders want to see positive feedback but in a world of complaints they can't be bold, they can't spill thier plans for the future and they can't commit to issues that they can't confirm they can make... which after pulling out workers from new content to work other products, bug fixing, or system tuning, they can't commit to anything reliably.

The 4-6 week content update is brilliant political point that raised confidence. But no one beleives that these would be big updates, but then as F2P is taking longer and longer for release, the update has to look bigger.

What should have been F2P and Section X, now has to have HK51 as well as time is slipping out too fast.

EA care about investment return, if they don't get money from players they have to cut back on costs. Otherwise the investers act like player base and ***** and leave because they didn't get the returns that EA promised them.

'Yes Men' occur in business because they can say that they will get the results the employer wants for the budget the employer wants. If they didn't say they could, they wouldn't get the job when the last guy who couldn't supply the impossible was fired. The problem isn't that yes men are consistantly bad or even inept, it is that in saying you can you prioritise doing so over the quality and investment to the product.

Starwars is a beloved IP. Kotor is a beloved predecent. If you don't love them, what are the odds you will make more content that those who love them will enjoy.

Mr Hickman, a tattoo does not tell me you love Star Wars or have any commitment to making TOR great than earning a paycheck. I don't care about you, I care about the entertainment and friendship I have, and till now that has been enough to keep me subscribed. You made me care more about $15 a month than those things.
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