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They don't know how. It's been the same evasive crap since day 1. Even after what, a couple months ago that Joveth came out and said "We have a new plan and it [communication] is going to be much better going forward, not like when we lied to you all the first time", nothing has changed.

Don't hold your breath expecting them to answer the real questions. The questions they don't like or don't know how to answer without looking stupid are simply ignored. I thought they'd have figured out by now that ignoring the important questions actually looks worse. But...nope. Same old Bioware, same old talking a bunch without actually saying anything. They cherry-pick easy questions and stonewall on everything else.

My boss' 8 year-old communicates more effectively than they do.
they know how, the NA/EU servers are proof enough of that. I believe you about your boss' daughter, EAware employees just don't communicate effectively enough to run any sort of business.