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10.20.2020 , 01:19 PM | #36
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I've just gone and looked at Marvel's Avengers web site. The communication from the Studio is awesome. They even give real rewards for those that stuck it out while the rough areas were fixed. At least not a reskinned astromech droid again.

I'm going have to seriously give it a try. Any other games you know?
Personally, after nearly a decade here, I can handle avengers flaws. I will say the reptitiveness is real after a while. Lots of map recycling is true. But they already fixed the major issue I was having (massive lag spikes on low settings and even crashing with a 8700k/2080) and regularly add changes based on player feedback (for example, running in hub areas and adding mission terminals).

Like swtor, the cash marketplace is purely cosmetic, but unlike swtor these items cannot be sold between players. I also have managed to purchase 2 outfits off the cash market just by doing my main (cap) characters challenge card and starting a few others (im over halfway with hulk, a bit under with ms marvel, just started the rest really).

I will give swtor an advantage in terms of launch story(ies in the case of swtor). But MAs campaign is still quite good, its just shorter by comparison.

The other game I moved to while awaiting MA was FF14, but I had friends to help me get started which aided in dampening the blow of a new mmo. It was very refreshing to play an mmo that doesn't seem to be kept on life support just to milk the IP.