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10.05.2017 , 01:45 PM | #301
I don't know how active this thread still is, but here it goes.

I leveled my Guardian to be a backup tank for my shadow, hit 70 and left her on the side. I've decided to give Vengance a go, went to Dulfy and read the guide and I must say I absolutely fell in love with this Class/Spec.

The rotation once you get it down is fluid and nice to cycle through. On my very first day parsing on this toon and trying the rotation I managed to hit 7.1k in full 230s, now at 232 and my highest parse was 7.4k.

I came here to ask the veteran Guardian players, will the incoming changes nerf us to the ground? I don't mind not being the uber top DPS parse spec, but I mind if the class is viable or not.

Thanks in advance for any reply and special thanks to the author for the effort and sharing of knowledge, your guide made a new Vengance Guardian fan.

P.S: Yes, the junction of the opener with the cycles is not intuitive at first, but consider that the opener ends in the last part of the third cycle. WE end in Vigilant thrust then go > filler > Blade Storm > Plasma Blade > Overhead SLash and take it from the rest of cycle one. Once your brain gets this it's like an epiphany lol.