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You get to level 70 from 65 in a few hours time if you play to story with all the XP buffs.
Levelling via warzones takes 5-10 times longer owing to the slow pop times and low ammount of XP you get for each warzone. Quite absurd.

Second, prior to the CXP system, it was benefitial for either your character or your legacy to play lower bracket PVP for you had got warzone commendations. Even if you could not exchange those for endgame gear at that moment, you could either stack those until you reach highest level or get medpacks/adrenals or later on, transfer the commendations among your alts.

So, what incentive is there now to play sub-70 warzones?
I have enjoyed a lot.. leveling through PVP prior to 5.0.

sadly low and mid brackets are useless now as they give no components. So players have no reason to play them.

I haven't played mid or low PVP for almost 1 year and I was really enjoying the lower brackets long ago. 5.0 has made radical changes to the way I play and I'm pretty sure others are in the same boat.