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07.13.2015 , 05:44 PM | #12
As dps commando PVE player i think that 4pc bonus is pretty useless tbh. What would i like to see is the 15s lower cd on recharge cells. Assault drains energy like mad and this would help more then 5s lower cd on tech override. 6pc bonus is also quite abusrd, in fight that last for 5 minutes it proc only 4 - 5 times.. How this should increase my dps in visible way? Why not change that to something realy usefull like increased damage from Heatseeker Missile and Mag Shot or Demolition Round and Mag Bolt to do 5 to 8% more damage. (depending on the test and math job). This would be something great that i belive all commando players would make happy

Oh and forgot, also i would love to see dot spread on assault plastique instead of 2 skills that sinks your energy.