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i think marauder/sentinel, not to toot my own horn but all i've seen are really good and really bad marauder players, and i'd like to think i'm one of the good ones. i think marauder is a pretty awesome class, though it obviously has clear pros and cons. one of the biggest problems is cooldowns and procs. Mara really makes me think of my WoW character, a Frost death knight - the most important thing is managing your cooldowns resource and procs for insta-crits and the like. but this is severely hampered by the UI. right now i have two procs, execute and blood frenzy. if i want to know when to use them, i actually have to look at the tiny tiny icons above my health, instead of a skill 'lighting up'. not only that, but after checking all the skills i get by lvl 50, i actually need more keybinds than the 2 bars in the center.
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