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12.30.2011 , 10:50 PM | #21
Depends heavily on the spec of the class as well.

I enjoy my Pyrotech Powertech but damn was there a learning curve for PvP...your primary source of damage, Rail Shot, is essentially proc based. Trying to micromanage heat (Pyrotech being the least heat-friendly of all 3 specs by far), ability CDs, CD-refresher procs, and DoTs on the target can be complicated enough in PvE.

Trying to do all that in PvP means also reacting to your opponent, throwing taunts on as many of the opposing team as possible, and managing your CC abilities carefully. Playing Pyrotech in PvP definitely took some getting used to...

That being said I also played a marauder up to 30 in the beta weekends and that was kinda hairy too. But only because they're so much squishier and have to worry about that as well, imho.