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For easier reading:
For PVE:
High alacrity dps build: 6 alac enh, 5 alac augs.
Accuracy: 1 enh, 3 augs, and stim
Crit: 3 enh, 6 augs, crystals

Low alacrity dps build:
Alacrity: 1 enh, 5 augs
Accuracy: 1 enh, 3 augs, stim
Crit: 8 enh, crystals
Mastery: 6 augs

Thank you! For PvP do you dump acc into crit or mastery?
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I'd say for PvP only use low alacrity build and yeah, Mastery augs. May be one crit? Definitely not worth going over 2k cri rating.

Any chance someone could get some rough numbers up for us in the peanut gallery who *might* try and build something along these lines .
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