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I am so amused at how popular the pony-tail-with-side-bangs hairstyle is. I think almost everyone here has one character that wears it!
Ruth skipped the ponytail element; there's a version with side bangs and then short hair slicked back to the nape of her neck. Awesome hairstyle either way.

Terribly tempted to do a closeup portrait series to show Vierce's scar, Kirsk's cybernetics, direct side-by-side face comparisons for Ruth/Dolarra and Nalenne/Niselle...This is a huge rash of non-story posts, but I figure it's on-topic to get to see and know the people whose adventures we've been reading! Plus, tomorrow's a new story day.

As for the Gunslinger's Jacket Esma has...brb, farming level 2 UT missions until my fingers fall off. (Or Kaliyo and Andronikos' fingers fall off, as the case may be.)
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