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I'm loving all the screenshots!

Quote: Originally Posted by iamthehoyden View Post
Ayang is adorable, love your pics. I put together my crew as well. We're heavy on Chiss and dark hair.
ESMA'S JACKET. Is it moddable? And/or level 50?

It reminds me of...a guy. Whom I hate, but whose wardrobe I would gleefully copy if I could. Agents know.

@elliotcat, something of Meyali Cardani's eyes reminds me of Bastila Shan, though I can't find a comparison picture that backs me up on this. It just does. Which naturally makes me hate Meyali even more.

@iamthehoyden (again), the thought of taking a Sith home to Mom...of taking Lord Scourge home to possibly the scariest Lord Scourge thought I've ever had.

@Tatile Thinking Nalenne is kinda hot is totally normal. Then again, I designed everyone except Nis and possibly the Colran & Rylon School of Hair Design to be attractive to me on some level. My favorites are Wynston, Vierce (even with the burn scars you would see on closeup), and a toss-up between Nic and Nalenne.

@Magdalane D'aw, Mags looks sweet. And Miriah looks like you shouldn't mess with her while the gun is out

@Svein Libraries are where all the worthwhile pickups happen. Most of my first few dozen conversations with my now-husband were in the library.
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