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I guess you missed episode 8: the last Jedi. Making hyperspace a weapon fundamentally broke almost everything star wars lore. The galaxy doesn't make any sort of sense in new canon. Inserted for the sole purpose of social commentary of purple hair girl knows best.... contrast to cantina scene in a new hope... 'droids not welcome here, he'll have to wait outside' subtle, doesn't break the movie barely noticeable... but still memorable to me, I think about that scene anytime I'm somewhere and someone is being discriminated against in that fashion, but present especially in it's day, social commentary... new cannon is just girl = win... not nearly as subtle as Leia being one of the first lead female roles that was a fighter, and political leader... modern cannon took subtle political commentary and turned it into obvious lore breaking plot holes to push a political agenda.

Lucas vs Disney is a perfect example of how to subtly push a political agenda and build a world masses will love at the same time vs how to break a world and shove politics down your throat... is the difference between a scene I'll remember, probably 'til I die vs oh god another SJW movie ruining a perfectly good world I've come to love.

SWTOR is a bit more lucas than disney in their pushing narrative. It's there, but, less obvious, and not lore breaking.
You're twisting my words here, I don't think a character like Holdo is a bad concept, however her character was poorly executed. Bad concept=/=bad execution, a proper writer could've done a strong leader that was worthy of being Leia's sucessor.
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