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Not necessarily better, but it caters more to a different type of worldview than those espoused in Disney's.
The Disney management of Star Wars - as far as the movies are concerned - caters to an ADHD mindset. What I mean by that is that it is focused on small segments which make sense in the few seconds you watch them and you're promptly assaulted by another segment that does not necessarily have any continuity with the previous ones. Right after you watch it and your brain engages in questioning the absurdity of it (like Rey never having trained once in her life with a lightsaber or the force and is somehow able to withstand one who trained with Luke Skywalker himself), you're presented with another scene that is just as absurd, but your brain is not given any respite to properly assess the idiocy of it all. Only later, after you watched this nonsense for an hour and a half, you can sum it up as absolute garbage. It's a series of unconnected "oh shiny!" scenes. Take TLJ for example: aside from the political agenda that is there whether we want it or not, that movie is a primer on how NOT to make anything that remotely resembles a good product. No continuity. No cohesion between one scene and the next. No verossimilitude. Complete disrespect for good technique. The writing was abysmal. I could go on and on but it was simply a technically deficient product without any redeeming qualities. The biggest failures are the scripts themselves - SW became a platform to advance ideology, not a canvas in which great moral questions are raised and, for good or ill, resolved.

The Old Republic, on the other hand, is the opposite. In that canvas big, moral questions are posed and resolved. They have far more latitude to be politically incorrect, for example: take the scoundrel / gunslinger storyline. Or the Imperial Agent one. These stories have the right mix of humor, intrigue, suspense, etc. Then again, I'm talking about the old SWTOR. These days the lore has been absent, good writing is gone, and they've been steadily pushed towards "political correctivism" by the players themselves - remember the outrage about the server names when there was the big merge not so long ago? And while I prefer TOR personally for what was made with it in the past, I don't have high hopes for its future.

In the end, Disney is terrible for SW for the most part, and the old republic - the game as well as the era itself - will be steadily destroyed to incorporate the same collectivist mindset that destroys all that is interesting, unique and worthwhile.