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Every word out of nymans mouth on this subject was nonsense. Read it again, he makes multiple contradictory statements. One minute its 'EA was pretty much hands off so you can't blame them for bioware screwing up' then its 'bioware didn't really want to make an mmo and was forced to by EA.' That is the very opposite of hands off. Then he tries to claim The game flopped after release because bioware had no plan to release major content/story updates at the time....then shortly after goes on about how supposedly all of the content up to the end of the zakuul stuff was planned and intended to be essentially what was released as far back as launch. Following that up with only the ossus and everything after it is 'uncharted territory' in that it wasn't planned for at or shortly after launch. So which is it? and claiming that the game was originally supposed to be just jedi and sith? Yeah....No. Nobody spends hundreds of millions of dollars to make a commercial mmo based on one of the largest IPs on the planet, with two entire factions and then only includes two classes. That doesn't even remotely pass the common sense test

Agreed. To put this in further context -- and I do realize I can be coming off very negative here -- consider: BioWare has a five day schedule with your generally standard eight hour work day. That means 40 hours per week.
LOLwut? 40 hour game development? Anyone who says something like that has no experience with game development. The hours in such a job are horrible and the industry is famous for it

If BioWare legal felt threatened by what Jeff posted and I knew it to be provably incorrect, they would have issued a much stronger statement.
That isn't true at all. Jeff is making things up, as i've already pointed out he can't even keep his bs consistent to the point he directly contradicts himself multiple times. You're making excuses for him and coming dangerously close to making it sound like some kind of paranoid conspiracy theory that its been pointed out that this guy has nothing and has had nothing to do with the game, and therefore no basis to make any of his claims

It occurs to me that "he tested for SWTOR" is compatible with "he was not an employee of EA or BioWare". He might have been a contractor / consultant / prestataire (choose according to your linguistic preferences), employed by another company that provides QA people who work on-site at the customer site (i.e. in this case, on-site at BioWare).
That is grasping at straws. He did not work on this game in any capacity, as has been explicitly stated

I think a good way to sum up those of us who believe Jeff is telling the truth from his own point of view
Truth is truth, there is no 'truth from his point of view' He is outright making things up

And instead we find out that's the game never was going to reach the potential we all saw in it because BioWare didn't want all eight classes stories in the first place
Which is a completely nonsensical claim, based on literally nothing, made by a guy who can't keep his claims consistent. It is not a rational design decision to not want multiple classes in a large scale mmo, let alone one with two entire factions

BioWare never really wanted to make an MMO and it shows in every single decision since launch up until Keith took over
If they did not want to make an mmo they wouldn't have made one. I'll say it again, which is it? First its 'EA was totally hands off guys its not their fault' then its 'EA made bioware build a game they didn't want to, and add a bunch of classes they didn't want to, and stories they didn't want to, and totally didn't have any content planned for after release....except for all the content they supposedly had planned out up to zakuul guys'

Nyman just explained the facts. I guess the truth hurts. Moving this to Off-Topic proves that, too
No he didn't. He made claims and accusations based entirely on literally nothing