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Oh. Well, yeah, that's a lot worse than what I've noticed. I thought just the movement ability ones were bad enough.
This has been my experience with huttball, mainly when changing levels whether it is leaping to or from, or using some sort of movement enhancing ability like roll... These seem to glitch. Because of so many different platforms at different heights it seems these issues are exasperated in huttball.

I don't have random people phase out/disappear though unless I have some serious lag going on.

I don't play ops, sins, or leap classes much now so only witness the glitches when these classes do roll, portals, leaps.

I don't find these issues to make the game unplayable though, more of an annoyance. Maybe if i was rolling all the time and leaping/holotraversing then glitching every time I would find it much more annoying.
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I've lost more SWTOR friends to excessive grind than to any other factor! Too many game companies think more grind = more player engagement = more player satisfaction - it doesn't. RNG is lazy, RNG is cheap, RNG is counterproductive because it massively increases player dissatisfaction.