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I have seen what I assume people are talking about. It doesn't make the whole match unplayable, but when an operative hits roll, or a mara hits leap, or a sin uses phantom stride, etc. any of those really-really-fast movement abilities, then my client (I guess) will lose track of where they are. They can disappear completely for few seconds, or show up in the pit when they are actually on the top ramp, or the other way around. And I can't target them at all. The next time they show up as solid and targettable they are already 40 more meters away from where it looked like they last were, and it's too late to stop them.

I find it pretty common now too. It's tough to make the clutch play when that happens. On the other hand, you can play around it by not letting them get the ball to begin with.
This isn't quite true on the new map. Previously desync was mainly caused from movement abilities causing the client to poop the bed, today I had a jugg walk with the ball to the first ramp this disappear only to reappear over the trap and next to the stun trap. That's a good 6+s of him being invisible for no reason.

I had multiple examples of players just being invisible while hitting me for 5+s. A jugg choked me, was hitting me, but didn't appear on my screen for a good few seconds after the choke. No leap, just walked up and disappeared.

Desync keeps getting worse and worse, we still have no official response other than "our engineers are constantly looking into yadda yadda".