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But that is stupid. Why would you want to make a Sin as strong as either of those two. They already have some of the strongest survival abilities. All that would do is make them the top dps meta and they would be stupidly OP.
They already do some good damage. In a 1v1, you can wear down most other classes and win the fight, especially against a Mara and a Merc.

As it stands, both Merc and Mara’s already have OP survivability. The Mara I can understand because they are the only class without a self healing ability or hard stealth out of combat ability. Camo does not break combat like the Sins stealth out,

What needs to happen is some nerfs, not buffs.
  • I would want to make a sin as strong as the other classes because that is the class i main and play the most

If you believe a sin can consistently defeat a merc , mara or a sniper in a 1v1 (who are on the same skill level) then debating with you may not be worth it.

Quote: Originally Posted by TrixxieTriss View Post
What needs to happen is some nerfs, not buffs.
This is were I completly disagree, what needs to happen is more class diversity which we should be recieving in 6.0. I was just offering and showing you an example of what could be implemented in order to make sins "better" and "more fun" for the next patch. Its just an idea that could help sins find an identity and individuality that seperates them from every other class.

Because clearly Bioware needs help, removing crushing darkness, nerfing their burst, removing stun dr and pw just ruined deception sins and honestly made the class too easy. People need more innovative ideas that we have not seen before so that every class can have true depth.