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05.09.2018 , 08:10 AM | #16
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L2P issues. You see AoE, don't use any ability that causes you to go into it. This is an issue of learning, not the class/spec problem, seriously.

If your gap closer is on CD, continue to DPS what you were on, otherwise, again as before, learning issues :\
I never found myself having them back then.

It is pointless to give it back now. Spec was made more boring than before (thankfully not on the levels of Fury). The way it worked, was unique. Why is there a need to make it to be like the others? :\
I'm not saying these issues are unavoidable by just delaying charge, however it still is awkward to have to delay an part of your rotation, that is the problem.
As for just continuing dps whatever you're on when your gap closer on cooldown, that's hardly a a good fix, sometimes you HAVE to switch targets, now you since mad dash was introduced at least you won't have to walk over when this happens, but it's still annoying. Honestly the thing I miss the least from Anni is 0m charge, I'd much rather have lower cooldown Annihilate or old Rupture back.