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Well, if it is awkwardly enough for you, you would still in range of the core. Yeah, it may feel that you would "far away" but leap always places you in the range for melee attacks.

If that was the reason of the change then it was a retarded move to do. Just because it looks weird, doesn't mean it is bad. You were still in range. Now if you mean that you would leap into attacks, bloody hell, it is your own fault. Don't blame the class for things that you/others do :|

I never had issues before, at all, regarding that. - have a look into that post - whats being discussed is where the 0m leap would do to the position of your toon - stating that leap putted you in range for melle atacks is not acurate.

ofc it is easy to adapt blah blah , and i killed with mara/sent, all good on that.

but nothing changes the fact that u need to expect an "abnormal" positioning - back then, in 3.0 - and now with scoundrel with trick move and i suspect sins with shadow stride (and their counterparts if u use this gap closer skills as a part of your rotation) you will be knocked back.

but, ofc you can use a holotraverse or a shadow stride just before pull in, in revan core, so you dont need to "move"
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