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08.23.2019 , 11:11 PM | #44
I'm definitely on the opposite end of the spectrum. I recently (within the past few days) resubbed to SWTOR after being away for 8 years. The last time i played was when level 50 was the cap. (pre-Hutt Cartel Expansion) I resubbed because I was getting that KoToR itch and since KoToR 3 doesn't exist resubbing and playing SWTOR was the next best thing. I'm currently in love with the game again after 8 years.

This is also due to be being primarily a FFXIV player. It's been my mainstay MMO (still is) since the Heavensward expansion launched. I Decided to come back to SWTOR because I finished the Shadowbringers Story and have nearly every class at max level so I was thinking of another side-mmo to come back to until the Story for FFXIV continues. I've been able to decide that during FFXIV lulls (every mmo has them) I'll still be playing SWTOR. I'm also excited for the new expansion story.

Since I've seen it brought up several times, and not just in this thread about how part of SWTOR's business model is them wanting players to take breaks. SE actually has the exact same mindset. The lead Developer Naoki Yoshida has said in interviews that he wants players to take breaks from the game and play other games. Obviously this mind-set is spreading to other MMO's as well. I just don't think, that in this day and age companies really want people to just brute force 1 MMO and 1 MMO only, because they will never be able to put out the level of content to satisfy those types of players. It's also the reason I play Multiple MMO's.

Whether that's a good direction for a MMO like SWTOR to take...who knows honestly. I've been away for too long and have way too much to do in this game now to make that call. Just wanted to throw my experience into the mix. Cheers.