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Sometimes it's good to take long breaks from the game. I started playing at launch( also did beta), and I've taken more than a few breaks that have lasted from 2-10 months. It's nice to get away to refresh your enjoyment for swtor. You're 100% right on SWTOR lacking compared to other games though.
I too played swtor beta and from launch then I took a break for a long while. I returned just before KOTFE launched - I'd been a WoW player for years wow started to cater for a different crowd and went downhill hence my return to swtor.

Unfortunately, there are too many things wrong in swtor that remain unfixed and/or ignored. I just re-subbed WoW so I could access the WoW Classic stress test that's running today & tomorrow. I'd forgotten how brilliant a game could be; in just a couple of hours I am hooked on old WoW again. I immediately resubbed my WoW accounts for 6 months each as WoW Classic will definitely hold my interest. As an example of the difference, the wow team identified an issue just now, did a server downtime to fix it and were back up in around 5 minutes. And that's just the stress test!

Just taking a break from swtor is not going to fix my problems with it. As someone else said, I play because it gives me the opportunity to be part of the Star Wars universe. It really bothers me that some excellent feedback from players (on the PTS and on the forums) is just ignored. I'm afraid swtor 6.0 (Onslaught) is going to have to be spectacular to keep my interest (and keep me paying). Fingers crossed.

Dasty, Spuds & Trixie, you're all awesome but my sensible brain just won't let me stay subbed to read your posts!
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