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We had a full group, qued, finished ev, and did not receive any comms. On top of that, my finder tool is now locked saying that I have an active thingie and need to reset to use it.
Formed a group of 6 guildies. Queued through LFG for SM OPs. Got two dps when we needed one dps and one healer. Had all kinds of problems with group members not being able to properly select their role. LFG kept switching dps to heals. Gave up and disbanded. Reformed group and spammed general for one healer one dps. Got them and formed a full 8 man group before queuing through LFG. We get put in a KP and everyone in the raid is showing up as heals. Huh? Whatever, our group composition was correct despite what LFG says so we drive on. Crushed KP no problem but upon killing Karaga, only some of us got BH comms. Gonna try again forming full guild group and queuing through LFG for SM EV. Will make sure everyone has correct settings in LFG before any invites are sent and see if that helps cuz it was buggy as hell the first time.