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Then it is all a question of point of view, I guess?
I would not bed a tyrant willingly. But my Sith? Well, she is not really shocked about dead people and bombed planets in a context of war. The Empire and the Republic have done the same for age. It is called conquest. She had killed a substantial bunch of people too. So she would find some of what Arcann did utterly useless and stupid but shocking? Not so much.
And the whole thing is... she is bedding him, not me. This is a RPG.

And the last thing is...
All these people who are romancing Arcann are not even romancing Emperor Arcann but only Arcann the redeemed man who wants to atone for his crimes now that he is not controlled by the dark side anymore. And that is where all the Star Warsy context comes into the play. You know, redemption, people that can change, bad people that can be saved and get a new chance at life...

Oh, and for the fangirl part: he is incredibly good looking in the trailers (and nah, a few scars are no show stopper ).
So much this.

I am not romancing Arcann, and i would probably not if he was real, my SW on the other hand.
She has her share of dead people (even my LS JK has killed quite a lot of people, even if she never liked to take lives, this is war and that's quite inevitable in this context).
Would my SW find some of his actions stupid and somewhat unecessary, obviously as she's a rather pragmatic but still DS Sith, but shocking, not more than Iheaca's SI
My SW even served Arcann's father who is by far worse than the son (as he would've consumed all life in the Galaxy if it were not for the JK stoping him), son who is not even the same person anymore.

And, while Theron would be more to my liking, i'll admitt that i too find Arcann quite attractive.

If there is 1 romance i really find disturbing, that'd rather be with DS Jaesa, this one is pretty messed up as your character may have killed every person she ever cared about, turning her into a complete psycho before beding her