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Are there seriously this many people who badly want to bed space hitler?
Oh nice! What a good thing to make my brain start this morning.

So! Let's do it the scholar way. *puts her glasses on*

First, can we compare Arcann with Hitler?
Well, I believe that we can due to his purge of the Scions because they have been killed for who/ they were and not in a context of war where they were foes. However, it is hard to say if it can really be considered comparable in terms of numbers, I guess not. Nor in terms of how it all went (no camps in Arcann's case). So I'd say that comparing Arcann with Hitler remains slightly overrated when we consider what specificity Hitler had. Better leave him aside, then.
If we really want to give him an historical name (one that is older so that it is less offending) for comparison, let's take... Ah yes, the Iron Space King (reference to Philip IV of France) would suit Emperor Arcann nicely.

Then it is all a question of point of view, I guess?
I would not bed a tyrant willingly. But my Sith? Well, she is not really shocked about dead people and bombed planets in a context of war. The Empire and the Republic have done the same for age. It is called conquest. She had killed a substantial bunch of people too. So she would find some of what Arcann did utterly useless and stupid but shocking? Not so much.
And the whole thing is... she is bedding him, not me. This is a RPG.

And the last thing is...
All these people who are romancing Arcann are not even romancing Emperor Arcann but only Arcann the redeemed man who wants to atone for his crimes now that he is not controlled by the dark side anymore. And that is where all the Star Warsy context comes into the play. You know, redemption, people that can change, bad people that can be saved and get a new chance at life...

Oh, and for the fangirl part: he is incredibly good looking in the trailers (and nah, a few scars are no show stopper ).

So if you think that anyone here among the players are bedding Space Hitler, I'd say that there are many things that you are getting wrong and that you take everything far too seriously.

Boobye. Have a good day!
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