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I must confess that I doubt that we can go through that many MM FP with only two (not that good) players and two Arcanns. We started with the easiest but It is already hard to handle some of the special attacks from bosses. We already had to switch to ranged companions a few times. We usually use a healing Arcann and a damage one for all trash mobs, then usually switch to two healing ones and the other player tanks (with a Sith Marauder, lol). So far so good but I don't think that we can do that many MM this way. :P

But our two Arcanns are perfect for Veteran mode. Even in healing mode they tank better than other players we have been playing with. And I am quite fond of this little jump of his and his comments in battle.

Flaskpoints can be taken in Veteran or Master mode by talking to the NPC in front of them in many situations, or directly at the terminal in the case of the laster FP. If you have the quest for story mode, you have to cancel it and take the quest at the NPC.

Decorating has been a new objective of mine recently. I have bought a few crates and done a lot of flashpoints where decorations can be looted. As per the prefabs, I found some that were not that expensive (150k to 250k each). I try to sell a few things regularly, including some of what I received in the crates that I do not like that much. That can make a lot of money (just sold a vehicle for 25M ). I want to include my SH in my story at some point and I wanted to be able to visualise what it may look like. Everyone needs to find some objectives when there is not that much new content available.
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