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06.08.2019 , 10:11 AM | #119
Another idea for a purely cosmetic tactical item, this time for Sage/Sorcerers.

Telekinetic Combat

So the lightsaber has always been kind of useless for a Sage/Sorc. This tactical would change that while not really adding any new abilities, just changing the animations of a few old ones.
  • For starters when you draw your lightsaber the weapon will now hover close by instead of being held. It could still spin occasionally or slowly orbit the player when they're stationary, and just follow behind when they move. Whatever works best.
  • (Saber Strike): I imagine the animation would be mostly the same, just the lightsaber moving on its own without the player swinging it.
  • (Telekinetic Throw/Force Lightning): The animation for these abilites would be replaced by sending the lightsaber out to the target and having it spin around them rapidly over the course of the channel. The twirling barrage from the lightsaber would also slow them for the duration. So, same attack just a different look.
  • (Disturbance/Lightning Strike): The animation here would involve charging the lighsaber floating in front of the sorc/sage with energy during the channeling part (I imagine lightning building on the blade for a sorc and a glowing effect for a sage), then the saber being flung at the target for the attack.

Hopefully these are the sorts of things tactical items will even be able to do. Guess we'll see.