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I posted this in another thread, but an idea for a purely cosmetic tactical item; how about a tactical item that when equipped would change your abilities/icons to that of your mirror class? So, for example, a Light Side Sorcerer could now use Sage abilities, and vice versa. I suppose this could (or may have to) also switch up their stance as well - e.g. A Juggernaut would now have two hands on their lightsaber.

This would be easy enough for the Force using classes, as all of their mirrors use the same weapons. It may be trickier for non Force users unless you don't mind Mercenaries running around with assault cannons or Gunslingers with sniper rifles (personally I think that would be awesome).

Just a thought as I do find it kind of immersion breaking when I have a light side Sorc constantly throwing around lightning, and I've always wanted a dark Jedi Knight that could use Force Choke.
This stuff could actually be cool.
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