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Link to Main Forum Post with Google Doc of Failure's Set Bonus and Tactical Item suggestions

Tactical Suggestions:
  • Mass Rez for healers while operations combat is inactive
  • Combat Clarity
    • For 12 seconds, a key ability has no resource cost or cooldown, and your movement speed is increased by 100%
    • Not usable in instanced PvP or Operations
  • Roll the dice (for fun)
    • Grants a random [offensive or defensive] ability at 0 cost from the other advanced specs of your class
    • Not usable in instanced PvP or Operations

Set Bonus:
  • Mob slayer/Rampage
    • 2-set Killing mobs gives you 20% movement speed for 5 seconds (stacks to 3)
    • 4-set Killing mobs heals you for 10% max HP
    • 6-set 5% increased damage dealt (stacks to 3) for 5 seconds
  • Social life (4 player group not ops group)
    • 3-set Increased endurance from being in a group
    • 5-set Increased CXP gained from being in a group (non-pack)
  • Speed Demon
    • Sprint now works in combat
    • Killing mobs gives 20% movement speed
    • Increase sprint movement speed to +50%
  • Gathering
    • 50% increased movement speed from mounts
    • Greatly increased protection from being dismounted/knocked off
    • Increases materials dropped from gathering nodes
Don't care for the stuff, and WE should be able to use skills like we did back in launch. Our Vangards should be able to use more Ranged attacks with Tactical like we do in the Military.

Assassins should be able to use more Ranged Lightning and would like my Juggs be able to use Lightning like they can in Star Wars lore, and it should be added as a ranged attack, while we can maybe lose a skill or 2 for close range.

I have made articles about it already how our Classes should be.

Also, our Sorcs and their mirrors should be able to use more Lightsaber damaging skill, at the cost of ones we already have.
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