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Jdast, I respect your opinion, but in the 3 guilds i'm in ( 2 pve, 1 pvp), there are only handful of tanks versus 20 dps, and 15 healer. I don't know if it is a design problem or if it is because healing/dps is easier than tanking.

I'm saying this as a guy that both dps and heals equally, though typically I heal more in raids and dps more in pvp. I'm on Star Forge. Anyway, what I'm saying is that lack of tanks is detriment to GUILDS. Though I could/should learn to tank more generic pve stuff, but the skill gap is huge. Nobody wants to be a mediocre tank, when they are an excellent dps.
This is a tough one. In this game, particularly with recent changes, solo-questing tank build has become arduous. The irony for WoW, was that tank leveling / questing for World Quest objectives was incredibly quick because you could gather up 1/2 a zone with no fear of dying.

I do think the new changes for 6.0 with respect to gearing will make tank leveling and soloing more palatable. That should help.

At the end of the day, though, I stand by my assertion that in my 15 years of playing MMORPGs there is a presumptive burden for group activity that tanks must bear -- specifically -- people assume they know the ins / outs of every fight. That's a tiresome burden.

Would you support offering tanks a bonus chance of gear in FP's / Ops? That's not a sarcastic question. Other games have done it with mixed results. I'm conflicted -- it depends on implementation. For the obvious reason that -- and this is what happened in WoW -- tanks geared up quickly and then stopped PuGing.

The tanks who were loyal to their guild through glass chewing periods, though, were going to remain regardless because they were in a good guild.