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Please God no! Manaan doesn't need a bigger deco cap!
Going from 650 to 800 was a mistake, imo. It was difficult enough getting 650 down in a coherent way without it looking like a junkyard. Someone here once said, " Hoarders paradise", and they were right!
I think an extra 50 would be perfect for Coruscant and Dromund Kaas, but that's it.
From 350 to 400 would be nice though.
The biggest problem with Manaan is there are so many "small" green areas to cover. Look how many line both sides of the fountain areas at the entrance.. and by the time anyone covers all of those it actually takes away from the rest of the surrounding scenery.

OH ! BTW.. in covering the little green squares... it counts just as much percentage wise as droping a large or center piece item in place. Many of those center piece items are not easy to come by. IMO ... in ANY SH if you drop a center piece or large item in place the VALUE of that item should be a little more significant to the over all % of the SH completed.

The one thing I was hoping for was a space station based SH with an interior design which would be a reflection of the city in the clouds from Star Wars "The Empire Strikes Back".

Also as someone else has already mentioned: too many of the items available just don't fit in surrounding like Manaan (or in Nar Shaddaa for that matter).

Additionally OP has a number of statements that really should be looked into more carefully. There's some good information in there.