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Hey there Satele Shan server!

My name is Andrew, but in-game you'll typically see me running around with drug-based names, hence why my legacy is "The Medicinal Legacy" (or Dr. Who references) Go figure! Anyways... I've been playing Star Wars the Old Republic for about 6 years now, just a few months short of the release date. During my tenure of fighting wars among the stars I have healed as an Operative/Scoundrel for a progression raid team, although that was back when DF/DP was new content. We had completed all of the hard modes and were just starting to work on NiM DF when the team fell apart. Since then I've have an insatiable itch to heal for real again, nothing really challenges me with flashpoints or the like for healing purposes.

As it stands now I have an Operative healer (main), named Apothicarry, and he is wearing almost all 236s (I think, don't quote me on that). I do not currently have a scoundrel made or at max, but that's the luxury of having Apothicarry's gear as legacy! But if a Republic guild wants me in I'll make one and get it ready ASAP.

Caveats: I am in North Carolina (so East Coast for me) and also in my last semester of college with early starts during the week. Ideally I would be doing raids from 9pm EST - 12pm EST (maybe pushing it back to 1245am EST). As it stands now, I can play almost any night but the weekends I spend with my girlfriend so unmolested free time is hard to come by.

Thanks for reading!

Other characters I go by (some Dr. Who references):
  • Tesselekta, Sniper
  • Aripiprizole, Mercenary DPS
  • Gallifrayed, Juggernaut DPS
  • Phencyclidyne, Sorcerer
  • Drivingblind, Sage Heals/DPS
Either send me an in-game message or respond to this post
"My name, My real name, that is not the point. The name I chose is
The Doctor. The name you choose, it's like, it's like a promise you
-11th Doctor

Apothicarry, The Medicinal Legacy (Operative Healer)