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Only the first three chapters have eight stories.

Ilum (happens between Chapter 3 and Chapter 4) has one for Imps, one for Pubs.

Makeb (Chapter 4) has one for Imps, one for Pubs, and they are, indeed, very different, but there are only two.

Oricon (between 4 and 5) has two broadly similar stories.

Prelude to Revan (intro to Chapter 5, but not really Chapter 5) has two very similar stories (attack other faction's force-user starter world, defend your own, then it's the same).

Shadow of Revan (Chapter 5) (Rishi and Yavin) is down to one story, with a single mission on Rishi that is class-specific and in most cases just ties up a loose end from chapters 1 to 3.

Rise of the Emperor (post-5) (known often as Ziost because that's where it happens) is a single story with some references to your class.

Knights of the Fallen Empire (Chapters I to XVI - note Roman numerals) is a single story.

Same for Knights of the Eternal Throne (Chapters I to IX - yes, the same chapter numbers as KotFE).

The "Traitor Arc" story that follows KotET is a single story.

Jedi Under Seige, Hearts and Minds, and Onslaught, however, are back to per-faction stories, with references to your class.
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