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All I can tell you is that in Shadow of revan, at some point every class get a side quest thats tailored to them. Where you get to meet someone from your original story .

and yes, Kotfe and Kotet is where every class is the 'Outlander' . Your titles earned at end of your personal story is long gone and burned away . And you only get 2 choices (Ls or DS) when it come to the story itself . All the others choices are meaningless .

Onslaught is short and right now buggy . But Onslaught is 'Trying' to bring back the old 'Imp vs Repb' stuff . And you also get a choice at the end of it .

As if you can play your different class in onslaught ? You are still called the 'Commander' .

I let others who played the DLC speak and give you more info . I only made 3 turns, and I think I screw up at least 2 of my characters .
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