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My own thoughts on Dantooine is as follows (Albeit brief.) ;

The main emotional connection to Dantooine (From playing KOTOR) is 2 fold, 1 being the Jedi Enclave / Temple that you explored, found your first safe location/home and explored what it was to be a Jedi in training. 2 - The ruins in which the Rakata starmap / starforge map was located. The Catalyst to the main story, the platform for the hunt and the main plot point that would unfold throughout each Starmap location.

It's with great disappointment that both of these locations are not ones we can visit, interact with or bask in some nostalgia over them. Sure we can see a ruined Enclave in the background (Skybox?) but much more was called for to make it a truly great experience. IMO the Empire could have started at the Ruins (A representation of when Revan first plotted down the side of Anger, the Mandalore Wars and what lead to the Dark Side of the Force.) and the Enclave, even in ruins, acting as a staging ground for the Republic. (With some small explorable areas that could be some storytelling in the form of scenery and quests.