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3rd boss, after a long discussion about tactics we give it a shot. But even though I told him it was our job to keep the adds of the healers and channelers, our friend the jug happily ignores all the adds (including the first 2 largers droids) and goes for the cores. I think "ok, fine, I can do this bit solo anyways".
Blue phase; allright, not good but we managed. Orange good. Purple.. our friend the Jug runs around like a headless chicken trying to find a console to click. We fail purple, big add spawns. "Everybody on the big add, then cores again", everybody does, apart from our friend, he just keeps channeling away. DPS was slow, we fail purple again, big add spawns, we call a wipe.
Sigh, count to ten, **** happens. "Allright, now we've seen the fight, faster on the channeling, faster on the cores and it's fine."
2nd try, blue and orange went allright, purple was slow (because the 25k dps who was supposed to be in the middle decides to run out and help on the cores, even though he was told to stay in the circle), big add, wipe.
3rd try, blue and orange and even purple went allright, ofcourse I'm still soloing the adds. But then it's yellow (my turn to channel) the big add spawns and goes straight for my yellow partner. "Taunt the add". No reply, tank's doing dps on the cores. "TAUNT THE ADD!" (who has now reached my partner), still nothing. I can only sit by while the droid knocks my partner out of the circle, raising the shields. It is only then the jug comes running back mid, and starts attacking the add. Partner goes back in middle, I channel. But since the Jug didn't actually TAUNT the add, as soon as my partner starts getting some nice crits on it, it's coming for him again, knocking him out of the circle a second time. By now me and my guildy have had enough (and it was getting close to guild-raid-time) and leave the group. As soon as I loaded the fleet again, I whisper one of the DPS, who was helping out with explaining tactics and all, to apologize for leaving, and explain the other tank's behaviour, but he's allready offline.

I catch him later that same evening and we share a few laughs and come to the conclusion "There's always one..."
It's a little unusual for the tank to be channeling. Usually the tank stays in the circle and taunts adds away. Any particular reason for this?