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Hawk_IV, what the puppets in that after-school special sang for you was more inspirational than true. The OP's factual or mathematical claims may, indeed, be correct or incorrect.

And now for just a couple of additional examples of incorrect statements, this time from your reply to me.

  1. You're incorrect about the section of my reply to the OP regarding "consistent" EHPS. Please read it carefully. The EHPS that is "consistent" is the sum of all healers' EHPS. Obviously one healer's EHPS will vary inversely with the other healer's.

  2. You're incorrect about my raiding experience. I join PUGs of HM DF or DP, NiM TFB or S&V, or Hateful Entity weekly. I've often never healed with the other healer, and I've usually been the sole participant from my guild.
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