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There's much in this post that's on the right track. Unfortunately, some of it isn't, and a crucial paragraph is completely incorrect.

Quote: Originally Posted by orontes View Post
The relation between your effective healing and overhealing
[...] The difference between the two depends entirely on class, play style, operation and job assigned between healers.
Attributing low EHPS to "style" is almost always an excuse, and a lame one, for poor technique or judgment.

For content that is challenging to heal, a Sorcerer|Sage who has less than 70% EHPS, or a Mercenary|Commando who has less than 80% EHPS, is wasting time and resources. For example, spamming AOE heals on cooldown rather than synchronizing them with damage taken isn't a "style", it's poor technique and lazy.

Though an Operative|Scoundrel may have higher HPS and lower EHPS from maintaining 2 stacks of Kolto Probe|Slow-Release Medpac on many allies, this is also not a "style". It's a tactic, which may or may not be suitable depending on (i) the class of your co-healer and (ii) the frequency of AOE damage in each phase of a fight.

Quote: Originally Posted by orontes View Post
Large difference between effective healing and overhealing, party health high:
[...] Especially with an overpowered group, the healing simply can be too much. Here you want to slow down, especially on the big single target casts. Keep some AoE up and focus on the tanks.
This advice is backwards for many fights. With an experienced, over-geared group, it's usually AOE heals that cause a high ratio of HPS to EHPS. Favoring single-target over AOE heals will (a) preserve the option of burst HPS from AOEs if things go sideways, (b) usually conserve more resources, and (c) lower the ratio of HPS to EHPS.

Quote: Originally Posted by orontes View Post
The correct use of AoE abilities is also a must. [...] [F]or sages they need to cast [Revivification|Salvation]. If the group is ignorant of the healing zone – the AoE is ineffective, if they use it well – it’s an awesome heal.
To clarify, if no one positions himself in range of a Revivification|Salvation, it contributes 0 HPS. In other words, the raid's positioning is crucial to this ability's efficacy, but irrelevant to its efficiency.

Quote: Originally Posted by orontes View Post
Small difference between effective healing and overhealing, party health high
the groups health is high, this is nice. All our heals are effective, which is nice as well. However, some dangers lurk behind the corner. If your numbers are low compared to the ones of the other healer in the group, this means you are holding back your heals. Yes, you are healing where it’s needed, but you are being too conservative on the casts, and letting the other healer top off everyone. You want both healers with the same amount of ammo/force. Because if **** hits the fan, both need to have force ready to deal with it.
If danger lurks beneath these circumstance (which it almost never does), this description of its nature is incomplete. If the healer who has substantially higher EHPS is unnecessarily using every cooldown and taxing his resources, it is he who is exhibiting poor teamwork or judgment. A co-healer of such a try-hard should hold back his heals, because he must cover for the try-hard if things go sideways.

Quote: Originally Posted by orontes View Post
Different boss- different heals- different numbers
Your parsing data will be different every different run. There are no “hard numbers” which you need to reach. There is no leaderboard for output in heals. every group composition will give another style for heals, and the need for a different output.
Though the above canard is handy to pacify a raid who are doubting its healers, each sentence is incorrect.
  1. For kills of a particular boss, the sum of your and your co-healer's EHPS is remarkably consistent, regardless of the classes of your healers, tanks, or DPS.
  2. The "hard number" that the sum of your and your co-healer's EHPS must reach is a particular fight's damage dealt, which is remarkably consistent.
  3. There is a leaderboard for healers, TORParse. This site has been available since at least the release of 2.0 (RotHC). It has a couple substantial flaws (both of which are also flaws of every DPS leaderboard for boss fights) but, if you're a smart consumer of information, it's a fantastic resource.

If you truly believe that the healing for each pull of a particular boss is unique, then your investigation of HPS and EHPS has failed and imparted no understanding of note.

Quote: Originally Posted by orontes View Post
Tl;dr: the healers are doing a fine job when:
-everyone stays alive
No deaths implies that each of your healers is performing well only for content that is extremely challenging to heal. One skilled healer in 78s can carry an under-performing co-healer through NiM TFB or S&V title runs or HM DF or DP full clears without breaking a sweat.
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