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The cheapest strongholds to fully unlock are the Coruscant, Dromund Kaas and Umbara Strongholds. Next comes Nar Shadaa.
Close, but not quite. Which is cheapest depends in part whether you pay with Credits or Cartel Coins. Either way, Nar Shaddaa is not "next".

Here's the cost in Credits to buy a stronghold and unlock all expansions.:

Coruscant: 1.445M*
Dromund Kaas: 1.445M*
Umbara: 5.415M**
Manaan: 8.375M
Tatooine: 9.5M
Nar Shadda: 10.5M***
Yavin IV: 13M
Rishi: 16.47M
Alderaan: 17.6M

The total cost to buy a stronghold and unlock all expansions with Cartel Coins:

Umbara: 2450CC +3.01M Credits**
Coruscant: 3550CC*
Dromund Kaas: 3550CC*
Manaan: 7000CC
Alderaan: 8900 CC
Tatooine: 10100CC
Nar Shaddaa: 11750CC***
Rishi: 12375CC

*For the past several years, during the Anniversay Event every year, the cost to buy the Coruscant and Dromund Kaas strongholds drops to just a handful of credits, the price corresponding to which anniversary it is. IIRC, the first time this happened was the 4th anniversary, when you could buy them for 4 credits. Last year they were 8 credits. So if you wait till December, you probably will be able to buy them for 9 credits each. I believe the Cartel Coin cost remained unchanged, though.

**Originally, the initial purchase price was just 5000 credits, not the current 3.015M credits, but you had to do the Nathema FP and collect "tokens" to gain access to the room on Odessen to buy the Umbara SH. So in some sense, the cost was ... higher than just 5000 credits. Technically, it still only costs 5000 credits or 50CC to actually buy the stronghold, but you still have to pay 3.01M to get access to the room with the stronghold terminal where you buy it, and there's no reason to get access to that room except to buy the stronghold, sooo...

***During the launch of Strongholds, folks were able to get the Nar Shaddaa stronghold, possibly including some number of expansions, unlocked for free, depending on if/when they were subbed during the run up to the strongholds launch. So for some folks, the cost to fully unlock this stronghold (because they got the SH itself for free, with or without some number of expansions also unlocked for free) was as low as 6.5M credits , or 6825CC. But I don't think new players can get any of it for free.
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