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09.21.2012 , 10:42 AM | #88
I am a paid subscriber on Master D and I fully support this cause and thank Chippy for his great work in trying to get our population / server issues sorted out.

I have been quite displeased with the recent actions of the games developers in regards to this issue.
1) Our servers come down during prime time for 12 hours and we are simply forgotten
2) No communication from the devs
3) No communication via in game support (I submitted a ticket like the other user in this thread and received the same generic reply to the letter)
4) I found the reply from the forum admin to be quite rude

Now I have been a subscriber for a fair while and whilst I haven't double checked I estimate that I have spent around $300.00 AUD (give or take - most likely give) on SWTOR. Overall I think the game is worth it, but due to the nature of the product ongoing support and customer service is required. Whilst I have received good customer service for in game tickets I fell that where it counts, on the big issues like this the service has simply not been provided.

I love SWTOR, Ive always been a bit of a starwars geek. The community, my guild, the friends I have made are all on the line ......

Please, ...... Bioware, EA ...... Talk to us