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I want to get some thoughts and discussion going on the following...

I have thought about what happened last maintenance period and the APAC servers being offline for so long and nothing new implemented yet the rest of the worlds paying customers benefited. My question is.

As an APAC member, did you feel you got your money's worth from your most recent subscription payment?

If the answer is no, I propose launching a complaint through Anyone want to draft up a complaint??? My time is a little limited over the next few days.

Keep emotion out of it, keep it civil. Ask for a refund for your last subscription payment. Send the links to the official post from bioware where they admit making a mistake. Ask for an investigation, ask them as foreign consumers what we can do, ask them for advice, I'm sure they can help us out.

Anyone else got ideas how we can address poor customer service external to these forums?

I know I certainly felt ripped off due to the events from last week. I have spoken to some non gamers about this and they all agree.

APAC community, to put it bluntly we have been ripped off.
I decided to vote with my wallet. Even though I still enjoy the game, I don't see why any of us should be paying the same subscription without equal benefits. It may only be something as slight as 4 additional character slots, though it is the principle of the matter. As you said, it feels as though we are being ripped off.