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08.17.2019 , 12:23 AM | #3
DarkTergon is correct that you cannot give gold keys to other players to allow them to decorate your personal strongholds. Decorations are tied to your account, and no other player can have access to your account's inventory without you actually giving them access to your account - which you should never do, particularly not to strangers, and which may be against game TOS besides. So there is currently no way for you to let someone else directly decorate one of your personal strongholds.

However, if you are talking about a guild stronghold, then you could hire someone to join your guild temporarily (for as long as it takes them to decorate) and you could give them a gold key that would let them do so during that time. That being said, you should be forewarned that although the game now affords us the option to donate almost every decoration to the guild via credit cost (these are the only ones that still can't be donated this way), you may find that this cost balloons very quickly. As someone who has decorated numerous guild strongholds by donating liberally from my very complete inventory of decorations, I have found that lavishly decorating a guild stronghold this way can cost hundreds of millions of credits in donations costs (it's astonishing how fast 75k a pop adds up when adding something as simple as railings).